Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) Proforma’s

Activate Fire Safety are now able to develop bespoke Fire Risk Assessment pro-formas for the iPad

These pro-formas can be completed on the move and better still they don’t cost the earth! Developing pro-formas to your requirements takes time but pretty much anything can be done. Over a period of around 8 years or so on numerous occasions we explored the possibility of having bespoke electronic Fire Risk Assessment pro-forma’s that could be filled in using some form of handheld device, but having such a luxury was cost prohibitive to set up and usually involved on going licensing costs.

  • Are you a Fire Professional carrying out Fire Risk Assessment’s?
  • Have you ever looked into the possibility of having bespoke Fire Risk Assessment Proforma software that you can complete on site?
  • Do you have an iPad?
  • If the answer to the above three questions is ‘yes’ why not contact us?

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