Fire Plan Drawings are scaled drawings of your premises that enable staff, customers and any other visitors to visualise the layout of the premises

Activate Fire Safety can draft fire plan drawings that detail fire safety features such as fire compartmentation, fire doors, firefighting equipment, fire exit signage and alarm manual call point locations along with the exit routes and any service isolation locations should be super imposed onto the drawing. These fire detail drawings will give a clear idea of the fire evacuation plan for that premises and serve as a great tool when carrying out staff fire awareness training. Fire Plan Drawings are also a requirement when submitting a Full Plans Building Regulation application for proposed building work to a non-domestic building, additional information with regard to the building will be required such as detail on;

  • Passive and active fire protection measures
  • Emergency and escape lighting
  • Fire alarm and detection systems
  • Engineered fire solutions used within the building
  • The dimensions of fire exit routes
  • Access and facilities for the fire service

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